Your Personal Lock Nest Monster

Your Personal Lock Nest Monster

Today’s blog talks about that mess of keys you have on your belt, in your purse, or hanging on the nest of hooks inside the basement door. It’s a pain to carry around or rifle through when you need a particular key. There is another problem with all those keys. Keys are easily stolen or lost; if they get lost with your ID, your house becomes a bunch of open doors.

Maybe it is time to realize that keeping a mess of keys is akin to still using a rotary phone. Technology has moved on; security is now more convenient and it also allows for greater security. Make an appointment to talk with a locksmith: there are so many new ways to handle security and access that don’t require a physical key. For example, new door locks can be accessed via entry pads that require a personal code. Most allow many individual codes that can be deleted or changed as needed. No more giving a key to a neighbor when you go away. Just add a new code for them to use while you are gone, and delete it when you return. Beyond the keyless entry pads, new smartphone apps can unlock your door when you approach the house. You don’t even need to remember a code if you don’t want to.

Check with a locksmith to learn how you can take your household security out of the 17th century. Like to see a specific example? Check out ENTR, a keyless lock from Mul-T-lock that can be accessed by smartphone, keypad, and biometrics (fingerprint).

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