Your garage is chock full of your expensive stuff

Your garage is chock full of your expensive stuff

You may have invested time and money into making sure your house is secure. Have you done the same with your garage?

We worry about our houses being burgled, but we tend to forget we store a lot of very expensive things in our garages. Aside from the vehicles, which are obviously very valuable, there are a lot of other things. Lawn equipment, outdoor furniture for the summer, entire tool cabinets, golf clubs, skis, and other pricey sporting equipment are just a few examples. Take a look at your garage, especially if it is a stand-alone building. How secure are the windows and walk-in doors? Oftentimes, when garages are built or added later, less expensive door and window options are used because the aesthetics are less of a priority. And how secure is the garage entry door itself?  Ask a locksmith for a no-cost evaluation of your garage. Those golf clubs weren’t cheap!

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