Wireless Technology and home security


Wireless Technology and home security.

Maybe it’s time to get a little more peace-of-mind from your front door lock and move beyond the old key in a chain model. Ever get to work and wonder if you locked the front door? Do you have kids who let themselves in after school? How about cleaning help who have to be given a key?

With wireless technology and IP controlled systems, you could lock our door from your phone no matter where you are. Or unlock it after a text request from your kids when they arrive after school. Even better, they could use their own access code and you would be aware when and if they got home on time. No more worrying and wondering. Face it, just because they sent you a text that they are home, that doesn’t mean they aren’t someplace else.

Plus, wireless technology means you never get locked out of your house again and never have to have extra keys out there in the hands of cleaning staff and neighbors. Check with a locksmith to learn about the latest technology.

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