What are CCTV security systems?




What are CCTV security systems? 

Technology has been racing along and CCTV home security systems are available for even the most modest homes or businesses; no longer are they just for the big mansions with gated grounds.

What is CCTV? The acronym stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision. These systems use cameras strategically located inside buildings and outside on the grounds of a property. These cameras are pointed at strategic security locations, such as doors, windows, driveways, etc. The streaming video is recorded and can also be monitored in real-time. Even better, the latest versions are IP controlled so you can monitor and control everything using your smartphone. You can observe and even zoom in and redirect the camera. CCTVs can be used to monitor against burglary, but can also be used to monitor babies and children while you are in a different room. You may also find that the installation of CCTV (or any home security upgrade) may lower insurance rates. Check with a locksmith about upgrades to your home security infrastructure.

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