Vacation Home Security: It Isn’t Just About Burglars

Vacation Home Security: It Isn’t Just About Burglars 

Most homeowners are aware they should try to make their house look as if someone is living there when they go on vacation. They should be using timers, cutting off deliveries, having the lawn mowed, etc. These efforts are important for deterring opportunistic break ins. However, there are other things to consider when you are away.

Unnecessary electrical usage – There is no need to continue to power some of your electronics while you are away. Your set top boxes, microwaves, and televisions are all things that drain small amounts of power even when not being actively used. If you are going to be away for an extended period, consider unplugging some of these items. This saves money, cuts the risk of fire, and makes the world just a tiny bit “greener.”

Temperature control – Adjust the thermostat. There’s no need to heat or cool the house to ideal human specs while you are away. In winter, lower the temp to save energy, but be sure to keep it high enough to avoid frozen pipes in case of a real arctic surge. In summer, raise the AC to cut utility costs but enough to keep humidity levels in the house at tolerable levels to avoid mold growth.

Water – This is the biggest potential source of damage. A broken water connection to a washing machine or frozen pipe could create a flood of unthinkable proportions. Imagine days of unchecked water pouring from a broken pipe. Consider turning your water off at the main (usually found in your basement). By the way, if you do this, also turn off the electric ice maker in your fridge. Icemakers often are not designed to stop trying to function if the water source is cut off.

These are 3 basic DIY tips regarding utilities when you go away. For more sophisticated and secure tools for addressing these concerns, talk to a locksmith about cam technologies that allow you to visually check your property from anywhere. There are also tools that can alert you to temperature extremes in the building or water leak detection and auto shutoff systems.

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Vacation Home Security: It Isn't Just About Burglars,


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