The Internet of Things: The New Wave of Home and Business Security

The Internet of Things: The New Wave of Home and Business Security

If you are familiar with the Internet of Things you may already be aware of the new level of convenience it offers to home and business security.

Security used to mean hardwired contacts that set off an alarm if a circuit was broken and a lot of heavy deadbolts that needed extra keys. Now, with the arrival of the Internet of Things security and comfort can be handled from afar via your smartphone or laptop. The Internet of Things refers to the ability of “things” to talk across the Internet to other “things.” Specifically, while at the beach you can check to see if you locked the front door. You can let the neighbor kid in once a day at noon to feed the cat while you’re at work, then re-lock the door when she leaves. You can get an alarm to detect water in your basement and you can bring up a cam to take a look at your entire property. Furnace fails while you’re on a winter getaway? You can find out and arrange a repair before all the pipes freeze.

Locksmiths are in business to offer security for you, your home and your property. Ask for an evaluation to learn about new opportunities to keep everything in your life more secure. Want to learn more about one of these great Mul-T-Lock devices? Visit LockPro Security and learn more.

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