The Internet of Things and Home Security


The Internet of Things and Home Security

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. This is where “things” become able to send data back and forth to each other. A simple example would be a coffee pot that you could turn on with your phone while you are still miles from home. The Internet of Things will impact home security in a variety of ways.

There are already keyless door locks that can be opened and locked using a mobile phone. Beyond that, security cameras can now be viewed from your laptop or mobile device. You can also install light fixtures that can be controlled with your phone. Other monitors can check the temperature of your house. Not only is this useful if you want the house to be warmed up by the time your get home after a long day, it also adds to your security. This same tool can alert you if there is a drop in temperature, so that you’d know you have a failure in your heating system long before the pipes freeze.

If you’d like to learn more about these and other devices to make your home more secure, contact a professional locksmith for a full review of the latest security technology.

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The Internet of Things and Home Security,


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