Rotary Phones? Keys?

Rotary phones? Keys?
OK. Pretty much everyone in the known world no longer uses a rotary phone. Technology changes and we move on. Things get more convenient and easier to use. Same with home security. Are you still carrying keys to every door in your house? It may be time to move on to higher tech and toss that keyring.

Coded door locks using keypads are a fantastically great new technology. There are so many reasons to upgrade.
1) No more keys to carry.
2) No more lockouts if you forget your keys.
3) No more making copies to give out to a neighbor.
4) No more awkward “asking for a key back” from someone you no longer want to have one.

Coded door locks enable you to have a different code for every potential user and to add/delete codes whenever you like. And, back to the phone, you can get apps for your phone to unlock/lock as you approach or walk away from the door. Keys are so 2000’s.

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