Re-Keying: Why?


Re-Keying …why?

Re-keying is a simple service you may not think you need. There are a number of reasons this might be necessary. Given how easily a good professional locksmith can re-key your locks, you might want to consider this option if it is time to make this change.

Primarily, you re-key locks whenever there is a possibility that someone, who has a key, should no longer have access to your home or apartment. A prime example: you just bought a new house. You may trust the previous owners to never try to come back, but you have no idea who they may have passed keys to over the years. Friends, in-laws, exes, or even a neighbor or two.

Also, these same issues apply to you. Perhaps over the years you’ve given neighbors keys, and they have moved or become “not-so-neighborly.” A re-key is the answer.

Another situation when you’d need to re-key a lock is a lost key. You or a child may have lost a key near your home, or it may have been lost along with identifying information. If that is the case, you should re-key immediately.

Finally, you may just be carrying too many keys. Consider re-keying a few locks so that the same key works for the front and back door. It would make your life a bit easier, but no less secure.Contact a residential locksmith for more re-keying options.

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Why You Need to Think about Re-Keying Your Locks,


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