Property Insurance: Not the Ideal Model for a Business

Property Insurance: Not the Ideal Model for a Business

Every business owner carries insurance to cover losses due to theft and vandalism. What an odd approach. Why not try to prevent the crimes before they happen? Locksmiths don’t just make keys. Many certified locksmiths also offer ongoing maintenance plans whereby they routinely check your entire security arrangement for wear and tear, and fix things before they break. You don’t wait for a tire to blow out on the road at 60mph. You replace it the minute wear appears. The same should be true of your property. Door closers, alarm systems, locks on windows and doors all eventually break. A maintenance arrangement can replace or update before something breaks. It also can be a more affordable approach. Calls for emergency repairs are usually charged at premium rates, especially if they occur at off hours. Consider revising your after-the-fact approach to property security.

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