Panic bars, liability, and service contracts


Panic bars, liability, and service contracts.

Ever think of what might happen if the panic bar at one of your emergency exits malfunctioned and you didn’t know? If there were a fire or other need for evacuation, people might not be able to get out quickly. Things can break and you don’t know it until a crisis hits. What can you do? You have a responsibility as the owner of a commercial property to protect your tenants. Here is an idea: a service contract

Locksmith’s aren’t just available to fix “broken things.” Many commercial vendors have service contracts with a locksmith to make sure that every aspect of their security and safety infrastructure remains in good working order. Panic bars are just a good example of what could go wrong if a security feature malfunctions. Protect yourself by contracting with a locksmith to make sure your entire system is operational. Offloading that burden can help you rest easier at night.

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