Lost Your Keys? PANIC!!

Lost your keys? PANIC!!
No, LOL. Don’t panic. That’s never useful. When you think you’ve lost or misplaced your keys, you get that horrid feeling in your stomach. Take a few breaths, calm down, and retrace your steps, trying to remember the last time you had them. Searching frantically never works. Instead, apply some logic to the search and you may just find them.

If they seem to be gone for good, you’re going to need a locksmith. Use a search engine (or the Yellow pages–yes they still exist) and look for ones in your area. Check to see that they are certified / licensed and insured. When you call them, be sure to ask for a written estimate. You don’t want to get sticker shock once everything is done and finished.

Also, when they arrive, ask for identification and the written estimate before you agree to any work. ID matters because you are effectively giving them access to your property and valuables. A little extra caution is a good thing.

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