Locksmiths and Fraud: Some cautionary thoughts

Locksmiths and Fraud: Some cautionary thoughts

If you are in need of a locksmith, whether it’s a 24-hour on-call emergency because you’re locked out, or you are looking to re-key or add security to your home or business, be judicious in your selection.

Some things to check:

Ask for an estimate over the phone. If this is an emergency call, call someone else if it seems too low or too high.

Ask about licensing and professional registrations or membership in a professional association. If they seem to have no positive answers to these questions, look for another service.

Don’t give a credit card number over the phone as a pre-payment.

When the truck arrives, does it have the company name, location and/or telephone number marked? Be wary of unmarked service vans.

In short, don’t assume that all locksmiths are professionally trained or even legitimate. There are scammers in every field, and this business isn’t immune to them. Use common sense when appraising a service near you.

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