Locksmith services – More than a spare key

Locksmith services – More than a spare key

We’re pretty sure everyone’s image of a locksmith is a dusty storefront with peg racks all over the walls and rows upon rows of key blanks. Think again. Locksmiths offer a wide range of products and services to residential and commercial clients.

Of course, we offer many types of locks, but think outside of the keyhole. Locks now come in a variety of hi-tech iterations. Now you can be unlocking your house with your phone or tracking when every individual employee uses any key anywhere in your business. Locksmiths also offer security services. Going far beyond selling a padlock, professional locksmiths offer entire security systems that can include intercoms, cameras, and other high tech burglar alarms and protection platforms. Finally, for commercial users, consider looking beyond the “emergency” model of a locksmith. We can provide managed service contracts that ensure all of your door, window, and other security apparatus are maintained in top condition, so your need for emergency services can be cut down. Service contracts also mean that when you do need emergency lockout service, you get first priority.

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