Locksmith Fraud

Locksmith Fraud. 

Fraud is easiest when someone is vulnerable; Criminals prey on the desperate and there is nothing like that desperate feeling when you are locked out of your car far from home, perhaps in bad weather or late at night. Same with being locked out of your house. In times like these, you need help fast. But be careful; that search for a locksmith on your smartphone may bring up some shady characters. Faux locksmiths can claim to help but be neither registered nor qualified. Some may quote a reasonable price over the phone, but then raise the price once they arrive on-site claiming the job is more difficult than they anticipated. Don’t let the anxiety of the moment allow you to make bad decisions.

Be careful. Before you call, verify online that they are registered or certified. Ask for a quote over the phone and tell them you will hold them to that once they arrive. And if they do seem shady–unmarked truck, no business ID, etc., it is better to just tell them to leave than get scammed.


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