Locked out?

Locked out? 
Getting locked out of the house can be so very frustrating. If this is happening more than once in a blue moon, perhaps you ought to consider some alternatives so you aren’t stuck outside in the cold waiting for a locksmith to arrive.
There are some alternatives
  1. You could invest in an external key safe. This is a small weather resistant metal box that can hold a spare key. It isn’t an ideal solution, as it might be possible to break the safe.
  2. Give a key to a neighbor you trust. This is a good, safe alternative but it relies on you only locking yourself out when the neighbor is home. Otherwise, this solution has some limitations.
  3. Consider a keypad entry lock. These battery operated door locks are probably the best answer because they get at the root of the problem by eliminating the use of keys entirely. No keys to lose and no neighbors to bother. You DO have to remember the passcode you create, of course. However, some of the newest versions can also be controlled by your smartphone so you won’t even need the code if you have your phone with you.

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