Keys – Time to move on?

Keys – time to move on?

Keys can be a pain. You lose them, you give them to a partner who is now an ex, or you forget to take one with you when you walk the dog. The concerns never end.

Consider replacing at least one external door lock with a keypad system. There are many different types on the market, and some now even let your phone do the locking. These have a number of advantages. The most obvious is that you almost entirely eliminate the chance of locking yourself out of the house. Clearly, this is the biggest benefit to a keyless system. However, you also add new layers of security because you can provide a different code to each person who will ever need to access your house. If, for some reason, you no longer want someone to be able to get in, you can just change the code and avoid the awkward request to “get your key back.”

Make life a little easier with a keyless system. They are an affordable investment and will make your life a lot easier.

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