Keys and neighbors for your security

Keys and neighbors

Forgetting your key can be SUCH a frustrating feeling. You feel so hopeless as you stand there realising what you’ve done. Before it happens again, consider giving keys to neighbors that you trust. This idea has a lot of merits to it.

The key is safe in someone’s home, unlike keys hidden in fake rocks or under doormats that are pretty easy to find. ( Please, don’t do this. Fake rocks look…fake. And what intruder isn’t going to check under the mat or over the door frame?)

Friends or neighbors with keys can also be helpful beyond lockout crises. Have someone you trust check the house periodically if you are going to be away for an extended period. This way, a broken pipe, failed furnace in winter, or other mishap won’t go unnoticed and leave you with a huge mess when you get home. Similarly, ask them to check for packages and mail. Anything left outside is nothing but a big “VACANT” sign on your home.

And don’t forget to return the favor whenever they are away.

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