Is it time for new house locks? Let’s count to 7

Is it time for new house locks?  Let’s count to 7 
Getting new locks for the external doors for your house may seem an inconvenience, but so would being burgled.
There are 7 situations when it is only prudent to go ahead and have a locksmith rekey your doors and they all focus around situations when there is a risk that someone who has a key to your house shouldn’t have that key!!

  1. You have a brand new house. It may seem illogical since the house is new, but how many different contractors had keys to the house in order to complete their part of the construction? It isn’t worth the risk of not re-keying.
  2. You’ve moved into a previously owned house. (this one should be pretty obvious)
  3. You did a major remodel or construction and someone needed key access
  4. Your keys were stolen. (this one should be pretty obvious, too)
  5. You lost your keys. This depends on where you lost them and/or if they had any attached identification.
  6. The house has been burgled. On this one, you will want to consult with a locksmith to re-evaluate your entire approach to security.
  7. You have given out keys to friends or neighbors and now can’t remember who all has one, or have had a conflict with someone who has a key.
In short, any time one of these events has occurred, it is time for new locks.

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