Intelligent door locks The technology keeps racing along


Intelligent door locks. The technology keeps racing along.

Looking to upgrade your entry doors with keyless technology? Not having to carry keys is a great thing, and keypad entry locks have been around for a long time. They have become considerably more sophisticated in the last few years; so if you haven’t been keeping up, there have been a lot of changes.  Bluetooth technology, smartphones, and the internet of things have made door locks the techie’s dream. You can now unlock your door remotely-think letting the kids in while you are at work. You can lock the door remotely- think “did I lock up when I left?” You can give individual codes to every user and track when they were used. Best of all, some of these locks can be tied to other internet-driven technology, so unlocking the door could also turn on some lights and turn up the heat. Call a certified locksmith to learn all of the latest options.

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