Garage door craziness: Part II

Garage door craziness: Part II

Sometimes lockouts happen that could have very easily been avoided. One thing we’ve seen is that homeowners who don’t like carrying a lot of keys rely solely on their automatic garage door openers as the only method of getting into the house. An easy idea. Why bother with the other keys? This idea falls flat if you come home to a power outage. You either have to wait it out or get a locksmith.

Also, we don’t recommend you ever leave a spare car key inside the car itself. If the car is stolen and there is any piece of mail or other items, such as an owner registration card with your address on it, the thief not only has your car, he has access to your house. The same risk to home security occurs anytime you ever use valet parking.So, take the extra step and carry a house key. It will save you a hassle when the summer storms come along and knock out the power.

And don’t forget to return the favor whenever they are away.

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