Garage Door Craziness: Don’t do this!

Garage Door Craziness: Don’t do this!

Today, we’re talking about automatic garage door openers. All too often, homeowners assume that because their garage door relies on a remote to open the door, this particular entrance to the house is secure. As a result, they assume they either don’t have to place a lock on the door from the garage into the house, or they never need to lock the door. Why bother, since no one can open the garage door?

Think twice. There are cases of other signals causing doors to open. While this is uncommon, why take the chance? A bigger risk is a hurried homeowner forgets to hit the remote to close the door as they rush away. Or perhaps they forget that all automatic garage doors are required by regulation to have lasers that stop them from closing if anything blocks the way. We’ve seen blowing snow or leaves trigger the door to re-open as the car is driving away.

The takeaway? Get a solid deadbolt put on the door into your house and use it. It doesn’t take much to add this simple layer of security.

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Garage door craziness: Don't do this!,

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