Don’t forget the obvious


Don’t forget the obvious

No matter how complete your home security infrastructure is, it can be surprisingly easy to forget the basics.

If you have a house fully protected with CCTVs, commercial grade locks and other measures, these are excellent deterrents to thieves who plan ahead. But there are also crimes of opportunity, and these rely on you getting a bit sloppy. Crimes of opportunity are ones where the situation just leaves itself open for someone to come along and do something bad. Open windows, unlocked car doors, or open garage doors.

Don’t forget: Lock your car and house doors. Don’t leave the garage door open. Today’s cars, for instance, are far more theft proof than they were 20 years ago. That said, forget to lock the car and that package in the front seat will likely disappear. You would be surprised at the theft volume of the contents of cars that occur because the owner left it unlocked on the street or in the driveway. Ask any police officer and they agree. Far too many thefts occur because owners got sloppy and leave doors unlocked.

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