Different doors, different locks

Different doors, different locks

If you are looking to keep your home as secure as you can, make sure that every lock is appropriate to the door style you have. Every external door should have a solid, heavy duty deadbolt that is resistant to drilling or hammering.

In particular, if you have an external door with windows, you have a specific security issue because the glass can be easily broken, allowing an intruder to reach through and unlock the door. In this case, you should have a deadbolt that has some kind of removable thumbturn or key.

When the turn or key is removed, the deadbolt cannot be opened. (Note: be sure that the key is kept nearby in case of the need for an emergency exit, but not within reach of a thief’s hand. Too often homeowners place them on a nail or hook right near the deadbolt.

As a final note, contrary to what one might think, front doors are frequently the door used for break-ins. Don’t assume that door is protected just because it is more visible.

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Different doors different locks,

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