Deadbolt Keys and Fire Safety

Deadbolt Keys and Fire Safety

This will be a short blog so we can focus on an important issue. If you use a deadbolt on an external door that requires a key to be unlocked, and that door has windows, you won’t be able to leave the key in the lock on the inside. The reason is simple: anyone can break the glass and just reach in and open the lock. As a result, homeowners remove the key and leave it someplace nearby.  This is ok to do, but it is very important that key is ALWAYS stored in the same place and everyone knows where it is. If there were to be a fire, every resident needs to be able to quickly reach the key and get out. Keep it nearby in a readily accessible place that anyone can reach.  

Not sure that a deadbolt is the best solution for your situation? Call a locksmith for alternative security solutions

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