Daytime Gremlins and Ghosties? Oh No!

Daytime Gremlins and Ghosties? Oh NO!!

When you were a kid, you were afraid of the ghosties and imps that snuck around at night, often hiding under the bed. But once morning came, they all disappeared and so did your fears. When it comes to home security, we often stick with this nighttime gremlin model of home security. We remember to lock all the doors at night, set the alarm, and worry that this is when the burglars are going to sneak in. In reality, most home thefts occur when the owners are away. (A.K.A. daytime). Most thieves don’t want to run into a homeowner, so when everyone is at work or school is primetime for break-ins, Consequently, you really should be focusing on security tools that address daytime security. No one ever forgets to lock the door at bedtime, but when they run out of the house rushing to work, the garage door gets left open, or the front door unlocked. Locksmiths can introduce you to new technology that allows you to check your locks from your smartphone, monitor via cam the outside or inside of your house and even turn lights and audio equipment on and off throughout the day to make the house appear to be inhabited. With new technology, there are innumerable tools to make sure your house is protected when it is most vulnerable: during the quiet emptiness of the daytime. The reality about those monsters under the bed? They’re actually waiting there until you leave for work.

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