Mul-T-Lock’s Interactive+ mechanical platform addresses High Security concerns while responding to functional needs. Building on four decades of extensive experience and the Interactive® key platform’s proven technology and global success, Interactive+ utilizes patent technology for enhanced High Security. Available in all formats and product types, Interactive+ key platform provides advanced High Security and protection with a single key that can fit into all products for real convenience. Using advanced technology, Interactive+ combines an enhanced variation of the telescopic pin mechanism with a special patented floating element to meet the highest security standards.

Interactive + Solution Benefits

Advanced Key Control – through unique coded Mul-T-Lock key card, only readable by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers. Master Keying Options – supporting complex operational and organizational needs. Choice of Format – cylinders, padlocks, locks, electronic door solutions and more – one key fits them all. Increased Security Effectiveness – via patented High Security technology: keys and telescopic pins. Advanced Key Control – through unique coded Mul-T-Lock key card, only readable by authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers. For additional Mul-T-Lock Products, visit


When your business experiences turnover of staff, or in the unfortunate event that staff is terminated, it is essential to protect and secure your business by re-keying the locks. Re-keying is a cost effective method of securing your business when you need to, or are unable to account for all of your keys!

For Restricted Keyway Needs, LockPro Security Carries GMS MX10 Series
Locks and Cylinders.


Key Control

Keys to any MX system will only be issued with proper authorization. Owners of the system will have peace of mind knowing all issuance of MX keys are recorded and the records are safely kept by the dealer.


Compared to other key control systems, you may save over 50% with MX cylinders! Why pay for features you don’t need?

Pick Resistant

Every MX cylinder is equipped with anti-picking driver pins and the profiles of MX proprietary keyways are specifically designed to restrict the access of common picking


A master key can be made to open all locks in a commercial or institutional setting like an office, school or hospital. This can give owners, security people or groundskeepers one key that fits all pertinent locks, while their employees can be given different keys which open only one or two locks. MasterKing Software for Master Keying allows any number of possibilites to provide proper employee access and maintain security!


LockPro Security’s Mobile unit carries a variety of Locks, mortice cylinders, deadlatches, hookbolts, deadbolts and other hardware commonly found on many Glass Store Front Aluminum doors and many other commercial doors. We also install Security Bars for back and exit wood and steel doors, for added Security.

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