Commercial locksmiths and your business


Saving Your Business Money with a Commercial Locksmith

If you are a property manager, you might want to evaluate how you are using locksmith services to save you time and money. With multi-tenant properties, you may be using a locksmith on an as-needed basis for re-keying, lockouts, new padlocks and deadbolts. Using these services on an ad-hoc or emergency basis can be fairly expensive. 24/7 emergency services often run higher than a scheduled service call.

The best alternative is talking to your technician about a service or maintenance contract. This would mean you are first priority for an emergency call. More importantly, it could also mean a periodic review of the property and fixing things before they become emergencies. A long-term service contract might be a good solution to the expensive “wait til it’s broken” approach

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Saving Your Business Money with a Commercial Locksmith,


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