Car Lockouts: 4 Things to Avoid

Car Lockouts: 4 Things to Avoid

Locking your key in the car makes you feel so totally helpless. You can see it, but you can’t get to it.

Here are 4 tricks to use to avoid this happening to you.

  1. When you turn off the ignition, make a habit to immediately remove the key and keep it in your hand. If you have packages to take out with you, stop and put it in your pocket, or only grab them with the key still in your hand. Getting gas, same rule. The key goes with you when you get out to fill up.
  2. Take the spare – On long trips, take the spare with you and keep it on your person. If you accidentally leave the key in your car, the spare is on you. Put it in a pocket, on a belt loop, or a lanyard. Don’t leave it in a purse or wallet. These might not leave the car when you stop at a rest area to stretch your legs.
  3. Only use the fob to lock the car – End the habit of locking the door manually when you step out. If you use the fob, by definition you can’t lock yourself out.
  4. Always store the spare in the same place at home – For around town driving, you aren’t likely to carry the spare. Just be sure it is stored somewhere it can be found. If you have to call a family member or friend to bring a spare to you, you need to be able to tell them where it is stored.

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Car Lockouts: 4 Things to Avoid,

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