Automatic Garage Doors – Don’t Do Stupid Things

Automatic Garage doors – Don’t do stupid things
Almost everyone now has an automatic remote control garage door opener. They are very convenient and fantastic when the weather gets nasty. However, it is important to recognize the security mistakes you can make with them.

First, it is a good idea to keep the door from the garage into the house locked. If for any reason you drive away and forget to close the garage door or it catches a stray signal and decides to open on its own, you don’t want anyone to have easy access to your house.

Second, if you park in the driveway or on the street, even during the day when you are at home, make sure you have locked your car. Reason? Your remote opener is probably in plain view right there on your visor. A quick reach into the car and someone has access to your house as soon as you drive away. Finally, if you ever use valet parking, it is a good precaution to lock away the remote in the trunk or take it with you. If you have any envelopes, magazines, or documents in your car that include your address, that remote could be tempting for a not-so-honest car valet.

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