The Internet of Things and Home Security


The Internet of Things and Home Security

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Internet of Things. This is where “things” become able to send data back and forth to each other. A simple example would be a coffee pot that you could turn on with your phone while you are still miles from home. The Internet of Things will impact home security in a variety of ways.

There are already keyless door locks that can be opened and locked using a mobile phone. Beyond that, security cameras can now be viewed from your laptop or mobile device. You can also install light fixtures that can be controlled with your phone. Other monitors can check the temperature of your house. Not only is this useful if you want the house to be warmed up by the time your get home after a long day, it also adds to your security. This same tool can alert you if there is a drop in temperature, so that you’d know you have a failure in your heating system long before the pipes freeze.

If you’d like to learn more about these and other devices to make your home more secure, contact a professional locksmith for a full review of the latest security technology.

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The Internet of Things and Home Security,


Re-Keying: Why?


Re-Keying …why?

Re-keying is a simple service you may not think you need. There are a number of reasons this might be necessary. Given how easily a good professional locksmith can re-key your locks, you might want to consider this option if it is time to make this change.

Primarily, you re-key locks whenever there is a possibility that someone, who has a key, should no longer have access to your home or apartment. A prime example: you just bought a new house. You may trust the previous owners to never try to come back, but you have no idea who they may have passed keys to over the years. Friends, in-laws, exes, or even a neighbor or two.

Also, these same issues apply to you. Perhaps over the years you’ve given neighbors keys, and they have moved or become “not-so-neighborly.” A re-key is the answer.

Another situation when you’d need to re-key a lock is a lost key. You or a child may have lost a key near your home, or it may have been lost along with identifying information. If that is the case, you should re-key immediately.

Finally, you may just be carrying too many keys. Consider re-keying a few locks so that the same key works for the front and back door. It would make your life a bit easier, but no less secure.Contact a residential locksmith for more re-keying options.

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Social Media and Home Security

Social media and home security 

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard that social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. can be places where too much is shared, (think kitten videos) but have you thought about home security issues?

Do you or anyone else in the family announce that you are going on vacation? Do you use mapping that lets Facebook users know where you are? Do you snap pictures of your meal, so everyone knows that you are out on the town for a special dinner? All of that information is just an announcement that your place is empty. All those daily postings from Europe? They are just vacancy signs.

We don’t want to overstate the security concerns, but it is important to recognise that shared information can reach a lot of places you never intended.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to secure your home, contact a professional locksmith for a consultation. Locksmith’s do a lot more than make keys.

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Business Security: Are you using home locks?


Business Security: are you using home locks?

As a commercial business, it is important that you approach security differently from a homeowner. Let’s look today at one simple thing you may be doing wrong. Can your door keys be copied? If there are standard keys that can be copied at a hardware store or home improvement center, it is time for a change. There are proprietary high security locks available that make it is almost impossible for someone to get a copy if they aren’t authorized to do so.

There are also excellent systems for controlling key access. These limit the use of a specific key to users who have an access code. Each user has to enter an authorized code to retrieve a key. This helps cut down on inappropriate access. If you’d like to learn more about the innovative solutions to increase your business security, contact a professional commercial locksmith.

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Lost Keys – Plan for it


Lost Keys – Plan for it

You know this is inevitable. At some time you or your loved ones will forget your house key or lock the car key in the trunk. Instead of thinking “it can’t happen to me,” plan ahead. Take the time to check out your local locksmiths and find a reputable one. Write down the number and put it in your wallet or mobile device, so when the time comes, you won’t be rushed into hiring just anyone.

The reason this is becoming an especially wise plan is that the internet has added a new layer of scammers. When you are searching the web for locksmiths in your area, there is a good chance that some of the “locksmiths” listed have no license or are scams disguised as locksmiths actually looking to breach your security. Don’t let yourself be a target. Make a plan for when this happens to you or another household member ahead of time. 

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