ANSI/BHMA Standards and Door Locks


ANSI/BHMA Standards and Door Locks: You can’t always get what you need.

All locks aren’t created equal. If you need a new door lock for the front door, you can go to the bix box home supply store and find dozens in all shapes and colors. There are dozens of nice looking choices. You can find just the right one that fits your house style. But, how do you evaluate the level of security that each option provides? It is a hard decision, no question.

That’s where standards and certifications come in. The Builders HardWare Manufacturers Association grades locks according to certain standards, which are accredited by ANSI, a not-for profit private accrediting agency. Locks are graded as

3 Highest grade residential

2 Light duty residential

1 Residential

But how do you know which you need? These stores aren’t geared, in detail, to evaluate the security levels of their products. The packaging provides guidance. So take a different route. Instead of “guessing it” at the home supply store, check with a certified locksmith. You can get the informed advice you need. More importantly, you can’t always get the grade you might need at the local hardware store. A certified locksmith is likely to be a reseller of higher grade locksystems than are often available at the retail consumer level. If you go to the hardware store, you can’t always get what you need.

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