Ain’t Broke? Keep It That Way

Ain’t Broke? Keep It That Way

Looking at physical security for your business or rental/commercial property as something that you fix when it breaks isn’t good for security. 24 hours and 7 days a week, people are accessing your buildings. Because of all that wear and tear, eventually a door will jam open, a door closer will fail, a window will get stuck midway. Most likely, a resident or tenant will fail to report it. As a result, until it is reported or you notice the problem, your own business security and/or your tenant’s security is compromised. This is bad for you because you are potentially responsible for any failure to keep your sites secure. However, there is a solution.

Consider using an ongoing security maintenance contract with a certified locksmith. This maintenance contract can include routine inspections of all access and egress points to ensure that everything is in working order, and that moving parts are checked for wear and replaced before a problem arises. Security is something that needs to be handled on a proactive basis. After-the-fact repairs are a bad business model for you and your property.

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Ain't Broke? Keep It That Way,

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