A “re–key” isn’t the same as a new lock

A “re–key” isn’t the same as a new lock.

If you’ve lost your key, the one you have isn’t working properly, or you gave a key away to someone you now wish didn’t have it but… don’t really want the awkwardness of asking for it back, what can you do?

For many people, the obvious answer is that they will have to swap out the entire lock hardware. That may mean the deadbolt or perhaps the entire door handle set. There are many good reasons to do this. You may want a new “look” for the door or the lock may not be appropriate for the use to which it is being put. Someone may have purchased a low grade lock at a box home store that may just not be up to the level of security you require.

However, there is a cheaper and much easier alternative. Re-keying. This is the process of swapping out the internal workings of the lock without replacing all of the hardware. A new key is then required, and all the old ones, wherever they may be, will not be able to be put to nefarious uses. Check with a registered locksmith to consider all your options.

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