5 Basics of Vacation Security for Your House

5 Basics of Vacation Security for Your House

Today’s blog is a simple one. It is a basic reminder about your home and vacation security. It is a good idea to take a few steps so that it is less noticeable to the casual observer that your house is empty for an extended period.

Here are 5 small changes you can make that will have a big impact

  1. Trash – Ask a neighbor to put out some trash in front of your place on garbage collection day. No trash means you aren’t home to create garbage to be thrown away.
  2. Packages – Packages are a twofold threat. Left on the doorstep for days, they are a red flag announcing no one is home. Second, they are a tempting crime of opportunity. Anyone can see them and steal them front your front porch. Place orders so that items won’t arrive until you return or else ask a neighbor to watch out for deliveries.
  3. Lights on – A few timers set to turn on lights in a pattern that reflects normal nighttime habitation takes a few minutes, but is worth it.
  4. Leave a radio on – A silent house is an empty house.
  5. Mail and papers – Fewer people get newspapers delivered today, but mail still arrives. Schedule a suspension of mail and papers, or ask someone to collect these daily for you.

These are 5 quick tips that take very little time but eliminate the biggest signs to everyone that you’ve left town for a while.

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5 Basics of Vacation Security for Your House,

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